Classification of sewage pumps

2021-03-31 11:26:40

Sewage pump can be divided into: subaqueous sewage pump, pipeline sewage pump, submersible sewage pump, vertical sewage pump, corrosion-resistant sewage pump, acid-resistant sewage pump, self-suction sewage pump.

The models of sewage pump include: PW sewage pump and PWL sewage pump.
The most common type of pressurized water chamber used in PW sewage pump is the volute casing. Radial guide vane or runner guide vane are mostly used in the internal submersible pump.
PWL type sewage pump impeller, pressurized water chamber, are two core components of sewage pump. The advantages and disadvantages of its performance, also represent the advantages and disadvantages of pump performance.
With the progress of society, the continuous improvement of people's living standard and the enhancement of environmental protection consciousness, sewage pump has been familiar to people, and its application scope has become wider and wider.

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