Characteristics of sewage pump

2021-03-31 11:27:03

The characteristics of
1. Adopt advanced technology, with strong blowdown capacity and no clogging, it can effectively pass the solid particles of 30mm in diameter oxide-80mm.
2. The tearing mechanism can tear the fiber material, cut it off, and then discharge it smoothly without adding a filter screen on the pump.
Sewage pump
Sewage pump (4 pieces)
3. Reasonable design, small power and significant energy saving effect of supporting motors.
4. With the mechanical seal of the latest materials, the pump can operate safely and continuously for more than 8000 hours.
5. Compact structure, convenient movement and simple installation can reduce project cost, no need to build pump house.
6. It can be used within the full head range to ensure that the motor will not be overloaded.
7. The floating ball day can automatically control the start and stop of the pump according to the change of required water level, without special care.
8. Dual guide rail automatic installation system, which brings great convenience to installation and maintenance, so people do not have to enter or leave the sewage pit for this.
9. Equipped with fully automatic protection control box, it effectively protects the leakage, leakage and overload of the product, and improves the safety and reliability of the product.

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